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We created this site for you

Everyone who plays sports, ask yourself: "How far I've come?", "What time of year my results are better?" "Does the sport on my health?", "How much time I spent on myself this year? ". In creating this project, we hope to help you answer them.

For this was a specialized calendar, which is convenient to your training, to celebrate his fortune, health, consider travel schedules, travel, launches, disease, put medical records, consider medication and so on, it is convenient to plan subsequent workouts, set goals and achieve them.

You can keep personal blogs to share their achievements with people, those suffering from the same sport as you are. Ask your questions in the forum and get expert answers. On our forum there as trainers and professional athletes and sports enthusiasts, beginners and just people who want to lose weight or improve their figure.

And all this can be done from your computer or mobile phone, a tablet computer - with any device that has a browser and Internet access.

It was hard to get through the planned route? Saw an interesting view on the road? You can add comments to each workout. Every workout you can discuss with your coach.

If, during your training you are using a special device to lock your route, speed and condition of the body (such as manufacturers Garmin, Polar, Timex), you can attach files to them for their training and information on them will be displayed.

SportIn.Me - an indispensable mechanism for your coach to analyze your results, your well-being, taking into account your schedule when planning training.

I wonder how much time you rode a bike or swim in the pool? Or interesting to know what the sport this year you pay more attention? For this we have specialized graphics.

Sprotsmen and their coaches often use more information on how to pulse area and how long you have worked. This information also can be obtained from our schedules.